About ICTF

Our mission at ICTF is to develop the world rank #1 male and female tennis players from China within the next 10 years. We believe we collectively have the experience, resources, community and spirit to discover and develop China’s talent to be playing among the world’s top tier players.

Alongside success on the court, we strive to unite the global Chinese community through tennis – as one big family. ICTF will work closely together with the local and international Chinese tennis associations and clubs of each city and country of the world to promote tennis, health, friendship and Chinese culture.

At the core of our federation, we strive to create awareness, encourage, educate and unite the privileged people of all races from all parts of the world to assist the under privileged in this world.

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Our Vision

  • Develop, train and implement the highest quality and world best, Keep It Simple – Step By Step (KIS-SBS) Tennis Training System for all ages and standards to all coaches and players in China.
  • Work closely with ITF, ATP, WTA, ATF, National & State Tennis Associations, National & State Government and International Media around the world particularly in China to promote tennis to the Chinese community.
  • International Chinese Tennis Federation (ICTF) to become the main global central tennis body for all Chinese Tennis Associations/Clubs in China and around the world.
  • ICTF role is to unite and assist all local Chinese Tennis Associations/Clubs from all cities in China and around the world to promote tennis, health, friendship and Chinese culture to their local Chinese community.
  • To unite Chinese tennis players around the world by holding tennis tournaments, special tennis activities and events in all different cities in China and globally.
  • To assist China in establishing the appropriate tennis competitions/tournaments for all ages and standards throughout China and Asia.
  • Working closely with the local authority in China to establish a chain of International World Class Tennis Clubs/Academies in all major cities in China.
  • Establish the best International Coaches Training Centre in all major cities in China.
  • To assist China to establish and securing the 5th Grand Slam to be in China.
  • To unite and work with private individuals, philanthropic and charity organisations to assist the poor and the under privileged people in China and around the world.

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