International Chinese Tennis Federation

To unite the global Chinese community through the sport of tennis as one big family and to assist, develop and raise the standards of tennis in China.

Our mission at ICTF is to develop the world rank #1 male and female tennis players from China within the next 10 years. We believe we collectively have the experience, resources, community and spirit to discover and develop China’s talent to be playing among the world’s top tier players.

Alongside success on the court, we strive to unite the global Chinese community through tennis – as one big family. Through tennis, health and friendship we hope to work closely together with the local and international Chinese Tennis Associations and Clubs of each city and country of the world.

Develop, train and implement the highest quality and world best, Keep It Simple - Step By Step (KIS-SBS) Tennis Training System for all ages and standards to all coaches and players in China.

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ICTF Executive Officers

Lucy Chen-Jin President

Luke Zhiwei Liu Honorary Chairman

Xiao Wei Dong Vice President

Ye Zhou Ling Vice President

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